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We are an end-to-end maintenance service provider for smart home automation owners, offering periodic care plans with flexible duration's; for prolonged safety, comfort and convenience.

Home Owners' Benefits:

Proactive maintenance and complete coordination with third-parties for end-to-end support, to avoid back-and-forth among vendors and reduce hassle

Turn-around-time within *24-36 hours for breakdown calls

Well engineered system improves its efficiency & lifespan to 10+ years

Prolonged and better comfort, convenience and safety, with thorough statutory and preventive measures

*24 x 7 x 365 on-call and site support available

With rapid pace of technological changes, new user experience arise and hence the demand to achieve it needs to be fulfilled

Minimal OPex counters huge installation CAPex

* Only for Premium subscriptions

Integrators' Benefits :

With the amount of ongoing projects and limited bandwidth constraints, maintaining and ever-growing list of older customers of 5+ years will be challenging

Once a customer, always a customer; respects integrity with product support from associated integrator. New reference of lead from an old customer to be passed on directly to the associate integrator

Honor one's brand value

Huge opportunity to integrators outside Mumbai to avoid city operating expenses

Upgrading older customers with latest market trends and deliver their new requirement with complete support

Improve customer retention rate

Complex commissioning of multi-systems integration service

Drivers and modules development service

Option of signing non-compete agreement with integrators

* Only for associated Integrators

Team Expertise :

Over a decade of experience in smart home automation industry of each team member, with collective experience of 40+ years.

We are certified KNX Partner, iRidium Specialist also registered as CEDIA Member and INBAC Professional Member. We are India's first Casambi Service Partner for Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.

Well qualified, competent and capable to work on different systems like KNX, Crestron, Lutron, Dynalite, Legrand, Bticino, Clipsal, Teletask, Raylogic, Rako, Helvar, Casambi, RTI, Savant, Elan, LogicMachine, iRidium & DMX.

Periodic Care Plans (PCP) :

A complete range of plans with flexible duration's for home owners to choose from. With a basic starter plan of 6 months to a regular plan of 12 months and most premium plan of 24 months. An option of customized duration and support is available too. Please find below the comparison chart.

Below are the starting prices

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Frequently asked questions

Why the need of maintenance after already investing huge amount for smart home installation ?

Lifespan of a well known smart home automation brand is more than 10 years. However, there are installations running fine up and above 15 years and even close to 20 years. Here, system maintenance plays an important role to improve system's efficiency and lifespan. Another point is to use the system differently with possible iterations in software for a longer period of time, with newer updates. System up-gradation to adapt the latest market trends and rapid technological pace helps in unleashing the true potential of the system. System updation especially a lot of security updates provides enhances security right from first day of the installation throughout the system's whole lifespan

Which systems service do we deal in ?

KNX, Creston, Lutron, Dynalite, Legrand, Bticino, Clipsal, Teletask, Raylogic, Rako, Helvar, Casambi, Mode, Control4, RTI, Savant, Elan, iRidium, LogicMachine & DMX. Our team is qualified and capable to work on any well known wired centralised system.

Do we deal only in wired centralized systems service ?

Currently, yes. However, we will launch similar service model for wireless retrofit systems as well in few months. Kindly follow us on social media for more updates.

What are the basic to-do's while going through a breakdown, especially lights ?

Staying in dark and understanding the importance of lighting unfortunately happens at the same time. Firstly, one should start locating the electrical DB with the help of torch, checking the breaker's status. If tripped (pointing downwards), then contact us and we shall arrange a site visit along with the vendor electrician (if needed) and lights vendor (if needed) as soon as possible.

Who all are considered to be part of the associated vendor list ?

Lights, curtain motors, Fans, Air-conditioners (HVAC), Audio-Video (AV), WiFi, Access control (door locks, biometric scanners, gate automation etc. ), Safety (window contact sensors, glass break sensors, fire alarm system with smoke alarm and sprinklers etc. ), Security (CCTV, VDP, etc. ), Intercom (WiFi, SIP, EP-PBX, etc. ) and Mobile App control (local/remote).